I created this blog last Monday but I didn’t post it until Thursday night.  Why?  Well, basically, I was afraid of what people would think of me.

The first two days, I kept changing the article trying to find a way to avoid saying that I drove a Porsche as a teenager.  I honestly hate telling people this little detail because when you hear Porsche, you think spoiled.  So I didn’t want my issues disregarded because of an assumption.

The third day I delayed posting was because I couldn’t find a good picture for the About Me section. I’m actually really self-conscious about my appearance so I just couldn’t pick one I liked.  Then by Thursday, I was so frustrated that I was ready to give up the entire idea and forget the blog.  I just cared too much about what others thought.

Over the weekend, I realized our insecurities are constantly on our minds.  For example, I was at a girl’s night with a group of amazing and beautiful girls.  One woman in our group (let’s call her Steph) complimented another’s forehead (let’s call her Cassie).  Steph pointed out that Cassie had a smooth forehead.  We all looked at Cassie and agreed; she really did have a nice forehead.  Personally, I’ve never noticed anyone’s forehead.  But see, Steph said she noticed it because she has been self-conscious of her own forehead. She claims she has wrinkles on hers.  Then Cassie chimed in that she thought her forehead was too big; which was funny because we just told her how nice her forehead was!

I thought it was interesting how we notice others based on the insecurities we have.  Even if others think we are the most beautiful woman in the room, we can find every flaw on our body and put ourselves down for it.  But the truth is: we are the only ones who see our flaws so clearly.  That night, I truly looked at both women and saw two beautiful foreheads with no flaws in either.  But to each of those women, they saw something different in the mirror.

I can honestly say that I’m so guilty of this too. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, I find something wrong; something I hope others won’t notice.  I constantly struggle with being insecure and concerned about how others view me.

However, I watched this video once about how we are so quick to put ourselves down, but we would never be that quick to put our friends down.  If any of my friends or family were to tell me that they thought they were ugly, my first instinct would be to build them up and point out every beautiful quality I see.  But the question is: why can’t we do that for ourselves?

So this next week I want to start a change in the way we look at ourselves daily.  I ask that you join me in a challenge to look passed our flaws.  Each day this week, I challenge you to look in the mirror and find at least ONE thing you like about yourself.  Because it’s time to build ourselves up.  It’s time to look at the positive attributes of ourselves.  It’s time to feel confident about the person we are today and it’s time to STOP feeling so insecure.