The Ledge

I have a friend who gave an analogy to explain her depression to me. She said that some days she felt like she was standing on a ledge, barely holding on. She said that sometimes she felt like letting go of that ledge, but as she “let go” she felt others still “holding” on to her. Her point was that when she felt like giving up, she had someone who still believed in her and wouldn’t let her give up.

How many times have we felt a depression like this? How many times have we wanted to take the easy way out and give up? With the stress of finances, relationships, work, family, and busy schedules, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and defeated. It’s easy to feel like giving up and not want to get up in the morning. It’s easy to feel like we’re ready to let go of the ledge.

But as we let go of that ledge, we can feel the others that are still holding on to us. Maybe it’s our friends, family, or even God that’s still holding on; who still believes in us. All it takes is one person: one person who hasn’t given up on us, one person to keep going for, one person who’s worth living for, and one person who will keep holding on to us. But, will we keep holding on for them?

We have the power to be that one person in a loved one’s life. We have the tools to show unconditional love to those around us and to maybe change a life enough for someone to keep getting up in the morning.

But the big question to ask ourselves is: am I that one person who is capable of impacting someone else’s life? Or am I the person who needs to get down from the ledge?

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