Four Years Ago Today

Photo by: Joel Danto of Danto Photography

Four years ago today, I married the love of my life.  Our wedding had typical wedding “disasters”.  You know, running an hour late to our own wedding, not having a ride to our reception site, and running out of food mid-reception…the usual.  But honestly, looking back, I can care less about any of the things that went “wrong”.  When I think back to our wedding day four years ago, all I can think about is standing in the middle of a beautiful field, staring in the eyes of my husband, and being surrounded by the people we love.  I remember looking into his eyes, holding his hands, and crying together with pure joy.  It was truly the happiest day of my life.

My husband and I have been together for eight years and boy, have we grown in the last eight years.  While dating, we really struggled with our differences.  We had issues to work on individually and together.  But over time, we’ve learned to compromise, to come together as one, to support one another, and we even learned more about each other as the years went by.

My husband is an amazing man.  Not only is he the most handsome guy in the entire world (seriously, he’s hot).  But, he is so funny and not afraid to act silly with me.  Sometimes we’ll have dancing sessions while we’re driving, sometimes we’ll make funny videos, and sometimes we’ll just have silly conversations.  We truly enjoy life just laughing with one another.

However, I think one of my favorite things about my husband is that he is so caring and really puts others before himself.  He’s the type of person that will go out of his way to get food for someone who is homeless and he’ll even give rides to strangers.  I think the best part is that my husband won’t even tell anyone that he did any of these things.  I remember one time, he eventually confessed that he was late because he gave a teenager a ride to church.  I asked if he’s done something like that before and he said he does sometimes but doesn’t like to tell anyone.  He said that God knows what he does and that’s all that matters.  Wow.  In a society that likes to brag about anything we do, here my husband is doing good deeds when no one (but God) is watching.

Another one of my favorite things about my husband is the Godly man he is today.  When we met eight years ago, we both were not walking with God.  To be honest, our relationship was just physical before we even started dating… that’s how far we were from God.  But we grew closer to God together.  Now, my husband is the spiritual leader of our household.  My husband is the reason why we’re volunteering at our church today, and he is constantly reminding me to pray and leave everything in God’s hands.  Also, he’s not afraid to worship during church. My favorite sound is hearing his voice worship to God.  I smile every time I hear him.

I can go on and on about how amazing my husband is.  I can talk about all the things that make him wonderful.  But I think the biggest part of our relationship is how much we’ve grown together, how much we support one another, and how much we rely on one another.  He is the first person I call when I’m sad, happy, or just want to talk about my day.  He supports my dreams and I support his.  I feel safe with him every day and his love just makes me a better person.  So, today as I think back on our life together, I’m just so thankful that four years ago today, I married the love of my life…my best friend.


Happy anniversary babe!

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